Ecosphere Capital

Aligning Economy with Ecology

Our Vision

New mechanisms are beginning to emerge as powerful tools with the potential to enable long-term change in the use of forests and other natural ecosystems.  However, the ‘channels’ through which financial and technical resources are to flow remain challenging from the standpoints of those who wish to deploy and access such resources.

Althelia Ecosphere’s vision is that these  channels need to be implemented, tested and offered to an increasing number of stakeholders. Practically, this means – upstream – offering responsible investors multiple avenues to deploy their financial resources, each with a fair and proportionate risk/return ; It also means – on the downstream – making enabling resources available to initiatives which are reducing ecological impact so such activities can be implemented and sustained over the long haul.

Althelia Ecosphere’s vision is that aligning economy with ecology is not only possible, it is an urgent necessity.

” In this transition period for climate finance, it is essential to identify how financial resources can be efficiently deployed and to offer innovative solutions to support the development of nested REDD+ projects. Althelia is committed to bring its expertise and capital, and act today to define pathways to successful and efficient implementation of climate finance.”

- Sylvain Goupille, Managing Partner and Chief Executive

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